Warm your soul with Dojo Workhorse

Posted: November 22, 2011 in music reviews
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Dojo Workhorse is a side project of Danny Vacon of Calgary’s the Dudes. While the Dudes get their point across with frat boy aggression, precision distortion and catchy indie melodies, Vacon is willing to turn himself inside out and show us a softer more delicate side with Dojo Workhorse. Dojo Workhorse’s 2009 release “Weapons Grade Romantic” has captured an easy feeling organic soul sound that introduces a few more layers to Vacon’s song writing. With elements of chamber rock, pop harmonies and a cast of alternating members, Dojo Workhorse allows Danny Vacon to shine as a frontman and show off that soulful voice of his. The path Vacon is taking with this so-called side project will definitely have much wider lanes and a lot more turns than his main gig as one third of the Dudes. Well worth checking out.

…by Sandy Gritt

  1. Tom says:

    Dojo’s definitely got some Mojo…glad you didn’t go for that pun. Great posts Sandy!

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