Bad as Me as Good as It Gets

Posted: November 30, 2011 in music reviews
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Even though I bought Tom Wait’s latest offering (the deluxe addition at that) the day of it’s release, it has taken me a while to write this review.  I figure if you’re a Waits fan then you already have it and know how masterful it is.  Plus I admit to being a little bias.  So this is directed at the non-Tom Waits fans.

Tom Waits has been writing great songs and producing innovative albums for decades.  He’s one of the best live performers I have ever seen. His creativity knows no boundaries and he’s one of very few recording artists, now in his sixties, who is actually improving with age.  He’s the kind of artist who has no polish in his tool box but has a bigger hammer than you, grittier sandpaper and touch of glitter amongst the dust and bone.  With most songs on Bad As Me clocking in at under four minutes, this collection is a concise display of Waits’ strengths of past recordings with timeless appeal constructed by the adventurous soul of a man who doesn’t use a safety net.

…by Sandy Gritt


  1. DaveB says:

    !00% agree with you here man. As the guy who turned me on to Mule Variations, I must say, this latest is nothing short of stunning. Keep on listening. I love it so much my feet hurt.

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