Winter Music Without the Christmas Baggage

Posted: December 14, 2011 in music reviews
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By now you may have heard a couple of verses of the beautiful song Snow Day while happy folks fly paper snowflakes from kite strings in a famous Seattle company’s latest TV commercial.  It’s actually quite a good commercial as far as commercials go and the song sets the mood perfectly.  The song is by Matt Pond PA from their 2005 EP Winter Songs.  There’s a cetain comfort I get every time I hear the the song and that can be said about the entire Winter Songs EP.  Snow Day and two instrumentals are the only original songs on the EP but the covers have been given the same Matt Pond PA treatment which makes them so endearing (the cover of Lindsey Buckingham’s Holiday Road from the Vacation movies is pure magic).

Thoughtful and warm with a touch of melancholy are adjectives that can be used to describe the entire Matt Pond PA catalogue.  Consistent is another.  With nine LPs and eight EPs to their credit and Matt Pond remaining the only original member, there is no doubt as to who runs the show.  Their latest EP Spring Fools is no exception.  Pick up or download any one of their releases and you will find intelligent song writing with the power to warm the cockles of your heart…aaah.

…by Sandy Gritt

Not an official video but a pretty special home video by SizzleCickFlicks:


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