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I’ve purchased a few compilation records in my day.  I think it all started with K-Tel’s Goofy Greats. What an album.  Four sides of some of the wackiest songs of the 70’s.  Fonzie’s Favorites was another one I must have played a thousand times.  Then, as I got older, into my teens and my taste in music began to expand and refine, albums like Life In The European Theatre, Dance Craze and IRS Greatest hits Volume 2 & 3 became the catalysts to what would become my unquenchable thirst for discovering new underground and independent music.

My latest compilation purchase is 2011’s Live From Nowhere Near You.  It’s a three CD, 64 song collection put together by Kevin Moyer.  It consists of songs by Moyer’s friends, professional and street musicians recorded in Moyer’s attic studio and on the streets.  It’s simply amazing.  So many artists, some well known, some playing in unusual combinations, all contributing music and stories in the theme of life on the streets and the journeys to and from them.  All recorded exclusively for this project.

With all the different styles, settings and approaches to these songs, the CDs have an incredible amount of fluidity from song to song, artist to artist.  Artists include: Bright Eyes with Britt Daniel; Josh Homme with Eddie Vedder and The Strokes; Elliott Smith; Ryan Adams and The Dandy Warhols just to name a few.  But some of the best performances are by street musicians from all over the US’s Pacific Northwest, many recorded for the first time.  I’ve been playing the collection in my car for a few weeks now and I’m still discovering some real gems.  I picked it up at the record shop for just $10.  It’s less on itunes.  If you love raw and innovative Indie music, I think you owe it to yourself to get this remarkable compilation.

…by Sandy Gritt


In 1999 after leaving behind a career in construction,  David Francey embarked on his new vocation as a singer songwriter, releasing his debut album Torn Screen Door.  His many travels across Canada along with his Scottish heritage have helped shape his music into something genuine, profound and enormously entertaining.  His straightforward songwriting style is filled with stories of real people and real places.  His voice is both warm and trustworthy like a favourite teacher from childhood reciting lessons in song.  His simple and clean folk arrangements are thorough and captivating.

David has released 9 albums to date.  His latest release, 2011’s Late Edition has the ability to hold you close and keep you safe and warm as well as the power to make you stamp your feet hard enough to kick the dirt up from beneath the floorboards.  A true Canadian troubadour.  I am sincerely blown away by this man’s songwriting talent.  I urge you to check him out

…by Sandy Gritt